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Our mission is to GROW GREATNESS by helping youth realize their potentials and become positive, contributing members of the community.


Our vision is to engage young people AND build movements that show it’s cool for youth to be smart, focused and involved in their communities. We are building these movements through community partnerships, utilizing the media and mobilizing youth leadership to impact the metro Atlanta community.


>> Grassroots Outreach: We meet youth where they are. We also speak truthfully about the plight of youth and families and work to connect distressed youth and families to the inspiration, coaching and resources needed to develop their skills, interpersonal relationships and sense of hope for the future.

>> Innovative Programs: We use the arts and other innovative approaches to get and keep youth on track.

>> Community Partnerships: We pursue partners to cement our work and take it to scale. We know that people are dramatically influenced by their support systems. For this reason, we bring people together to explore, understand and address the challenges that impact youth and family stability. We know this work cannot be done in a vacuum, so we actively seek to partner with other people, institutions and associations who share our concern for youth and families.


>> Health and Wellness: Youth can’t realize greatness if they aren’t healthy and strong. As such, we lead and support fitness, nutrition, mentoring and mental health programs.

>> Art Education and Advocacy: We challenge youth to explore the messages behind the media. We also challenge artists, both young and old, to use art as an outlet to inspire young people and affect social change.

>> College and Career Readiness: Our ultimate goal is for youth to become self-sufficient. We do this by building the capacity of local tutoring programs, internships and microenterprise initiatives.

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